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The Lounge/Living room is probably the room that you relax and spend your spare time in, entertain your friends and family and generally relax, so if you could choose a room to put your heart and soul into, the Lounge/Living room would be top of your list. An area that set the tone for your entire decorating style.

From geometric to floral, modern to damask, your bound to find the perfect wallpaper design. The trick to mixing patterns is to pick a colour theme, such as reds, browns and blues and to use big areas of solid colour, such as a brown settee, blue curtains, green lamp shades, depending on the colours in the pattern paper.

Plain walls with just one feature wall, is a very popular choice.

Looking for small lounge/living room ideas? Choose light colours for the walls, like soft mauve, pale lime and subtle cream, to add interest without making it feel closed in. Steer clear of crisp white keep this for a larger room. Avoid fussy shaped furniture stick to boxy shapes for a clutter free look. Go for occasional tables with cut away sides to reveal more floor space.

Designers have been telling people for years that mirrors are great for opening up small places.

You can pack a lot into your Lounge/Living Room, even a dining set, if you keep furnishings from weighing the space down. An open weave coffee table, and an unobstructed wall of windows keeps the room from feeling cramped.

You cannot go wrong with an all white space. To prevent it from looking like a hospital room, introduce a throw, a linen sofa, and a rug all add depth to a monochromatic look.

Neutral tones and subtle shades can help make your room bright and airy.

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