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The hallway is the first impression you get of your home, so it is important to take time to plan and decorate it so it is warm and welcoming to your family and friends. It also sets the tone for the rest of the house. Hallways, stairs, and landings may seem like areas you just pass through, but a hall will give a lasting impression of the rest of the House. The hall stairs and landing are the connecting spaces, through which you view all the other rooms, therefore, they require careful attention. before you start consider what style you like-contemporary or a more traditional look. Highlight features that are good and disguise the bad.

Think of hallways stairs and landings as places where a bold statement with accessories or furniture can be made.  Large mirrors, which can reflect light and give a feeling of space or interesting paintings. Even some simple flowers can add a touch of elegance and style. No matter what scheme you intend to create, balance which will carry on through to the rest of the house. A hallway, staircase, and landing can be the perfect place to show off photographs; family or otherwise.

There are a variety of colours which work well to create an impression. Primrose yellow, a soft feel of the country mellowness, it has a buttery warmth. Terracotta a rich dry earth colour that almost radiates the heat of spice. Soft Putty, retaining the rich shades of terracotta but much more mellow and gentle. A neutral colour that can be anything from warm stone through to latte, or a hint of subtle pink, restful and inviting it is an alternative to white or cream that can still be stylish. Antique white a soft white that works well with any design, be it city or rural. It is a blank canvass for drawing your style and adapts well to highlighting any colour for the lived-in country look or a modern sleek design.

Surfaces-wall and floor covering need to be hard wearing as they deal with a lot of traffic and if there are children or pets the surfaces need to be extra robust.

If you only have a small narrow hall and stairway it is best to avoid bold patterns or cluttered walls. Stick to neutral colours. We have pictures ( matching frames) all lining the wall of our staircase. Look to the stairs to open up an internal staircase. Hallways with steps that have a solid wall rather than open balusters can be among the trickiest of spaces to decorate. Fit a smart stair runner with a strong linear stripe that draws the eye upwards to the light-filled landing above. Hang a show-stopping picture to make a feature wall.  Choose well and a single picture on a single coloured wall can be all you need to to make a small hallway look fabulous.

Keep the Hall simple and elegant, the Hall is no place for clutter. Reflect light with a display of interesting mirrors. Small hallways often lack windows and mirrors are the classic light enhancing solution. Bear in mind that silk and satin finish paints reflect more light than matt ones and are a good idea if there is a lack of light.

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