Need help Preparing a Beautiful Bedroom for a New Arrival? located in the west midlands? WE are here for you!! 

One of the most exciting, worrying and happiest times of your life, expecting a baby. Whether you have weeks or months before the new arrival, you will want to get the nursery ready in time for him or her.

You may decide on neutral colours or go for bold brightly coloured wallpaper. If you decide to go bold and the room is very small, it is advisable to just limiting a pattern paper to just one wall.

If you know the sex of your baby, it is probably easier to choose the decor.  However many new moms and dads do not wish to know they would rather wait and see. If you do not want to know the sex of your baby, but you want the nursery complete for your little bundle of joy, then you may want to choose colours like lemon, pale green, cream and white. The nursery could be made more interesting by wall stickers at a later date. There is some beautiful bedding and matching curtains out there that can make such a difference.

If you know that you are expecting a little girl, you may want to go for a soft and feminine, frills and frou are still in demand. If you are expecting a little boy then you may want to go traditional with mainly blues, or go for something completely different

Colours can heavily impact your mood, depending on your personal experiences.  The nursery should make you feel at ease as soon as you step inside. Use themed or colour coordinated designs on the walls, bedding and accessories.

Whatever you choose, life will never be quite the same again! So enjoy as they are tiny for such a short time, they will eventually go through the night, trust me I know. My babies are 45, 43, 39 and 34 and they are my greatest achievement in life.

Sandra Boyce

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